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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  February 1, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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bomber. the turkish prime minister said the group responsible for the bombing has been designated a terrorist organization by the u.s. and european union. the incident comes on the last day of office for secretary of state hillary clinton, who was in contact with turkey's leaders. >> i spoke with the ambassador and the team there, i spoke with my turkish counterpart and i told them how much we've valued their commitment and their sacrifice. >> the white house says while the motives may not yet be clear, this was a terrorist act. >> today as the last in office for secretary of state hillary clinton, and she worked right until the end. rebecca cooper joins us from the newsroom. she logged a lot of miles during her tenure. >> she did, leaving behind a legacy. she was dubbed the most powerful
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woman in history by newsweek, and many feel there is more to come from hillary clinton. today she stepped down as secretary of state and already there is talk about another possible run for the presidency in. today the former first lady turned senator turned secretary of state talked about the middle of the night phone calls from the state department operations center. >> i am for a proud to have been secretary of state. i will miss you. i will probably be dialing ops just to talk. >> when hillary clinton first came on the world stage often the spotlight was focused on the hair. her role in health care, and her husband. >> i am not someone standing by her man like tammy why net. i am here because i love him and respect him. if that is not enough for people, then heck. >> but she leaves a much larger
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legacy traveling more than 1 million miles as the nation's top diplomat, winning over even her toughest critics including the man that she took on for the presidency. >> they seem to like barack obama more. >> well, that hurts my feelings. [laughter] >> now barack obama not frequently praises her accomplishments and likability. and she is one of the finance secretary of state's we have had. >> she is the most travelled secretary of state in history and she says she is ready for time off as she is still recovering from a concussion. but those who know hillary clinton say she does not rest for long. with many clamoring for clinton in 2016, she said today she is still deciding. in the newsroom, rebecca cooper abc 7 news. >> the white house says it expects the senate will confirm chuck hagel as the next
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secretary of defense. today, the white house spokesman said president obama thinks he will be an excellent secretary. he dismissed critics of his performance at a contentious confirmation hearings yesterday. no democrats have said they would vote against him. today, a republican said he would oppose the nomination out. >> anne arundel county executive john leopold has resigned, just days after a judge found him guilty of misconduct in office. he was serving his second term. he issued a statement that said in part, "this decision is the most difficult decision i have ever made, but i know it is. right one and in the best interests of the citizens of anne arundel county." he acknowledged his mistakes. he will be sentenced in march, facing years in jail, but some legal experts believe he will get probation instead. >> the district's chief financial officer is retiring,
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the announcement coming less than a year after he was appointed to the post for three years. horace holmes joins us from northwest, and he says he's retiring for personal reasons? >> yes absolutely, personal reasons. his term here at the district building has been laced with controversy, but he leaves on a very high note. the unexpected announcement by the chief financial officer has startled many in city hall. three days ago he quietly celebrated one of his finest moments on the job, when he announced the district was enjoying a $417 million budget surplus. today he announced his retirement. >> there are times when we have become exasperated with each other, but i think that is to be expected. there's a lot of passion involved and sometimes it gets put on display. then he took office in 2000 when the district was nearly broke.
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now they have nearly $1.5 billion of savings. some residents were grateful for his work, but they want more. >> employees such as myself, we need money to help our families. i>> we should budget for what we have and get it right. it should have been spent on something worthwhile. >> he has had controversy like the 2009 conviction of a tax office employe for embezzling $50 million from the city. recently a securities and exchange commission investigation. a columnist says overall, he will be remembered for helping revive the destruct. >> he presided over a good transition. >> the mayor called him an exemplary stored of the city's
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finances and he will remain in office at city hall until june 1. reporting live downtown, horace holmes, abc 7 news. >> we had a snowy start to a cold day. >> there is more snow in the future. let's get to chief meteorologist doug hill. >> clear and cold tonight tomorrow more snow in the forecast. the belfort furniture weather center, just a little over an inch in olney, frederick haymarket and mclane in southern maryland. heavier amounts on the eastern shore and the delaware. it is only 21 north and west of the city. 26 washington. couple that with the gusty wind, the wind chill is in the single digits. clear and cold tonight, but then watched as the system moves out the high pressure moves in tonight. already to the north and west, we are monitoring the next system that could possibly give us more snow tomorrow night and
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sunday morning. in advance the winter weather advisory widespread from the ohio valley to the appellations. -- from the ohio valley to the appalachian mountains. >> the january jobs report is out, with mixed news. employers added more than 157,000 jobs hiring stronger than last year. despite the news, the unemployment rate moved up 0.1%, 7.9%, the white house reacting favorably saying that it shows the economy continues to heal. wall street reacted well to the jobs report, the dow jones gaining 149 points closing above 14,000. that is the first time since october 2007. the dow jones is within striking distance of its all-time record, 14,000 164. >> scott brown says he will not
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run for the open senate seat in massachusetts. a special election will be held june 25 to to fill the seat vacated by john kerry resigned to become secretary of state. brown won a special election in 2010 after ted kennedy died. he was considered the strongest candidate to run in the traditionally democratic state. >> the former mayor of new york city ed koch is dead. and the permanent reminder of his impact on the city. >> some recommendations by virginia gov. bob mcdonnell to make schools safer. >> the super bowl party has begun in new orleans.
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>> fired destroyed parts of this home in springfield va. this afternoon. newschopper 7 was over the scene as firefighters put out the hot spots. no word on what caused the blaze. >> former new york mayor ed koch is dead at the age of 88 from congestive heart failure. he is credited with pulling new york city at of severe financial difficulties during his time in office. a permanent reminder of his service to the city was put into place when a bridge connecting
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manhattan to queens was named in his honor. he had a catch phrase, "how am i doing?" >> virginia governor bob mcdonnell supports a task force recommendation to improve school security in the commonwealth, urging the general assembly to enact them. the task force was formed after the shooting in newtown conn. some of the recommendations include lockdown drills at school, extended mental health programs and fines for a legal purchases of guns. >> a cold afternoon and evening after snow this morning, with the possibility of more snow. >> plus, we catch up withvens fans in new orleans. >> the capitals are back on the ice tonight, looking to come out of the big hole they've dug for themselves.
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>> aha. >> we're getting closer to super bowl sunday, as if you did not
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know, and the fans continue to pour into new orleans. >> brad bell is in the big easy to check out what is happening before the big match up. he joins us live from the french quarter, where as you might imagine the fans are out in force. >> the tailgating is already well underway, beginning early today. it is that kind of town. there are a lot of people here. as far as we can tell, they're having as much fun looking at each other as anything else. the purple passion is on full display in orleans. >> -- in new orleans. >> this is still unbelievable. >> she is kind of a celebrity among ravens fanatics. star spotting has become a popular activity. >> it is great to see the celebrities walking around. i>> he is good with the names and faces.
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>> we did a little bit of it today in the media center. how is it going steve young and jerry rice? >> ron jaworski. we cannot see ray riec, but he was in the same restaurant. >> they gathered around the espn set to catch glimpses. >> some saw joe montana. >> i saw it -- i heard rumors about a lot of people, but have not witnessed it personally. >> she will have to be a little more observant. at the experience in town, looking down at somebody's finger and they're wearing a super bowl ring. for somebody like me who has been a news reporter, it is quite an experience. brad bell, abc 7 news. >> tough duty, but somebody has
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to do it. >> luck of the draw. >> we just got finished with the snow this morning, and we're doing it again. the time lapse, this afternoon from the rooftop cameras, the little bit of snow and sunshine melting that. the clouds dissipating at sunset. clear and cold tonight. on the scoreboard, high today of 36 at midnight, steadily getting colder through the day. the average load to the church is 29, average height is 44, so below average in the books -- the average low temperature is 29, the average high is 44. gaithersburg 26 right now, quantico and reagan national, and enough wind out there to drive the wind chill into the single digits, the story all evening. the wind chill, clearing sky cold outdoor evening. the core of the cold air will make a push, but the core of the
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cold will be heading back into canada. if we are on the edges of it reminding us is still all the middle of winter. this kind of flow out of the west-northwest, another disturbance across southern minnesota, northern iowa, coming down the chute tomorrow increasing clo c evening, into sunday morning. the future-cast computer model, through the day, there recalled the high in the 20's in the afternoon snow by about 5:00, 6:00. the pattern continues overnight into sunday morning, and the projections could be between 1-2 inches across the greater part of the area. then it will move off to the east and we will have just a little warming and sunday. that could actually melt a little bit of whatever snow that we get. a good chance of snow late tomorrow, and that is punxsutawney phil who will come out tomorrow morning. they make killing on that, and then they put him back in the
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cage. the snow late tomorrow night sunday morning. another chance monday night tuesday morning. then the warming trend for the end of next week. >> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> brotherly love in the big easy? >> i think jim harbaugh wears the same black sweatshirt every day. a meeting of the minds today in new orleans both brothers addressing the media, posing alongside the lombardi trophy. they started out thinking their families and gave props to the city of new orleans as the destination and super bowl location. then they talked about their game plans, including whether or not they would hire one another for their respective staffs. >> definitely, and i would work for him sure. >> i concur.
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you always try to get great coaches, and there is none better than jim harbaugh. >> that will be fun to watch. as exciting as the ravens' run is it has had a bittersweet moments. ray lewis is retiring after sunday, and the owner art modell passed away in september. a lot of pride and emotion going into the super bowl, and tim brant is a new orleans with the story. >> when you think about the baltimore ravens and their season, you also have to think about the adversity they have faced. we all think of ray lewis and we think of the jury he had that took him out of the games this year. we also think about torrey smith and the loss of his brother. one of the big stories was in the preseason, art modell, the owner of the franchise, the legendary nfl owner that brought the team from cleveland to baltimore. although there are some in cleveland who still have hard
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feelings against him, he had a heart of gold. he loves the game, did a lot for the nfl, and he is a certain hall of famer. art modell passed away in september. he was 87. >> he had great humor and insight. he could make you laugh at the most difficult times. he would help get you in the right direction, and always with a smile. he was a joy to be around. >> art modell was an incredible human being, leaving an indelible mark in the hearts of every reason. he is a motivating factor, remembered in the super bowl. >> wanty more coverage? we have plenty, to net 8:00, "ravens road to new orleans." tim brant will give more coverage from the crescent city. shifting to hockey, the capitals are in a bit of a free-fall trying to find their identity. alex ovechkin is trying to
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rediscover his own. the capitals are 1-5-1 now, not too great. last night, they had the lead in toronto. alex ovechkin, his second goal of the season, but he needs to be more productive with that salary. toronto scored twice including the game-winner. the capitals a host the flyers tonight. the wizards in memphis to taking on the grizzlies. beale is expected to miss the next two games with an injured right wrist.
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>> a little more snow? >> the quick system this morning, cleared out. the satellite image, another coming down the pike tomorrow. sunshine in the morning, increasing clouds, still in the evening into sunday morning. then we clear out monday. monday night into tuesday morning, another chance of snow. then we settled down the end of next week with sunshine and a slight warming trend. bob ryan will have more on the timing and the accumulation at 11:00. the good news, tomorrow morning groundhog's day, we will see what happens with phil. >>" abc world this is next. >> thank you for joining us.
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it had a great weekend.
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